Sometimes You Have to Get Mad

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Sometimes You Have to Get Mad

Several years ago, when my boys were small, I went through an experience working for an organization that cemented my desire for freedom and living life on my own terms. 

This organization, while doing good, had some major hiccups within its internal operations. It was really a volunteer role that I had (not a paid one) and the desire of the leadership was that I was out 3-4 nights a week doing these different projects. They were very short staffed, so everyone was overworked. 

First of all, let me say, I love helping people. So I loved the work I was doing. But I had 2 small children at home and being gone 3-4 nights a week was not what I wanted. I really enjoyed being a stay at home mom. (I know this is not everyone's dream, but it has always been mine). I didn't mind 1 night out doing this volunteer work and I didn't mind doing things I could help with from home. But being with my boys was what mattered most to me. It was were I felt I belonged. Where I was called first. (This was before my daughter was born). 

After several months of almost feeling like this organization was owning me, I took a stand. That stand lead to some confrontations, me being called "ornery", and eventually we walked away from that  work. 

But it taught me some very important things - for me family is number 1. My time with my kids while they are growing up is paramount. Because it is not going to last forever. Number 2, it taught me, I can get feisty when I need to and I am ok with that. 

You see, I used to be this girl who always tried to please everyone. I didn't want to ruffle feathers. But this was the breaking point where much of that would begin to change. 

Now many years later I look back and I am not the girl I once was. I am bolder, stronger, and anchored in what is right for me and my family. I know who I am. And I don't care who doesn't like it. 

What about you? Are you living life on your own terms? That's what I had to find a way to do. I took a lot of risks, and probably a path others would disagree with. But in the words of the Chris Stapleton song, "I love my life, its something to see, its the kids, and the dog and you and me..." I love the path this has led me on and I love who I am. I wish the same for you! 

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  • Barb Beebe

    Great message. Thanks for sharing!

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